A Twitter Shitstorm Holiday Special

You may have noticed the Twitter shitstorm that occurred yesterday.

After asking for recommendations for podcasts, I got more than 90% suggestions for the same type of podcaster: white, male, finance focused. 

It's not like I'm ignoring or shunning these very successful podcasters. After all I have done literally hundreds of podcasts and the vast majority > 80% are with that demographic. 

Noticing the bias inherent in the responses and wanting a broader, more diverse audience, I explicitly asked for people to propose podcasts that are NOT from the usual demographic. I can't reach a more diverse audience if I'm only talking to the same podcasters with the same demographics. 

As you can imagine, that request was received with grace, deliberation and support... NOT.

I achieved my goal: I have more than 30 invitations to some great podcasts. Still many many white finance dudes, which I will be happy to go talk to again. No one was excluded or shunned. But I also got more than a dozen podcasts from a variety of people outside my "usual" audience. From different parts of the world, from different cultures and also lots of people of color. 

I'm excited to expand my audience. I'm delighted to have the opportunity to bring EVERYONE into crypto. Even the people who don't feel like they fit, who didn't think my invitation was for them, who didn't speak up. 

There are many structural barriers in our industry, in education, in wealth, in social media, in every aspect of society. These barriers prevent the emergence of the mythical "meritocracy" where we can assume that the people who get the most voice, the most views, the strongest endorsement are the ones who merit it the most. Our biases produce very skewed outcomes and those biases are evident everywhere, once you open your eyes. 

I will not apologize for being an "SJW", a social-justice warrior. I dislike the word "warrior", because I am a pacifist and abhor violence. But I believe in social justice. Not imposed from above, but as a personal choice and commitment to a fairer and more just society through our own choices and actions. 

I took such actions yesterday. I ruffled some over-sensitive feathers. I upset some people. 

But I also gave many people hope, voice and recognition that their work matters too. 

Now I ask you to help me continue my mission too. It's a bear market and speaking up against bias and injustice isn't "profitable". Your contributions are supporting a team of 11 people in my staff who are helping me get my work out to as many people as possible, in as many languages as possible. 

That takes money and I don't take money from corporations, special interests, advertisers, shills, ICOs, etc. You are my community and also my source of funds for my work. 

So I ask from you: Please tell others about why you're a Patron. Encourage other people to join you. Speak up about the work we're doing together. Inspire others, let's build. 

I lost a few Patrons today because they were unhappy that their contribution didn't buy my speech, didn't influence my opinion and didn't change my mission. They were unaware of my principles and surprised when I spoke about them. 

Let's show them that they can't control my speech, or our work together. Let's replace each of their lost donations with 10 more that are from people committed to make bitcoin and open blockchain education available to everyone, and are not afraid to say so. 

Thank you again for all your support.  

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