Twitter Poll: Iconography in Board Games
Hi folks, a weeklong trip to Chicago in February has had a predictable impact on my sinuses. Trust me, it's not the best listening experience.

So I'm pausing the payments for a month since there won't be a video for February. Meanwhile, I'm writing piece on language-neutral icons and overall visual language in board games. Part of that will be based on this twitter poll on iconography: 

For example, let's say you're playing a farming game where you spend energy to send apples from your farm to different cities. Even with that simple premise, iconography can get pretty complicated.

"You get one apple."

"Pay 1 energy."

"Pay 1 energy to deliver 1 apple to one city."
-1🔋: 1🍎→🏙

"Pay 2 Energy to deliver 1 apple each to three different cities."
-2🔋: 1🍎→🏙🌁🌇

But maybe that should be this instead?
-2🔋: (1🍎→🏙)x3

Or should it just expand to be more visually literal even if it takes more space?

How would you visually convey "Take an apple from target opponent"? How would you make that distinct from "Take an apple from each opponent"?

Those are the sort of decisions I hope to discuss in this piece I'm writing. With luck and if my dayjob schedule allows, it should be up this weekend. Meanwhile, take those polls! I need some quantitative data to support my ridiculous assertions! 

Til next time, thanks so much! Here's that link again: