A twitter thing....
Today I saw a tweet meme about showing books in a library and edited it for UoE. You can see the image above that I tweeted here. But for you I've gathered all the pictures and comments together below:

1-  Autobiography of John Henry Mackay, first published in German in 1920, this English edition published in 1983 by Mackay-Gesellschaft. 

2 -  Four different bindings of the Modern Library edition of "The Ego and His Own." The light tan on far left different in binding and endpapers. Other three just differ in faux-leather color (green, blue dark brown). Blue has different graphic on front cover. 

3 - "The Ego and His Own" on tape! The amazing Jeff Riggenbach was hired to record this in the early 1990s. Cover says "James S. Maston" instead of James J. Martin for some reason. Cassette edition a gift from @NineBandedBooks who also supports the project on @Patreon 

4 -  Issue number 4 of a French Egoist/Individualist journal edited by Pierre Jouventin. I haven't been able to set up a dedicated page at https://www.unionofegoists.com/journals/  yet, but I've made note of it. 

5 -  "Anarchism" by Paul Eltzbacher
1908 Benjamin R. Tucker edition (trans. + preface by S. Byington)
1960 Libertarian Book Club edition (edited + preface by James J. Martin)
2004 Dover edition under the name "The Great Anarchists" (stripped of Byington/Martin texts!) 

 6 - Two Vanguard Press titles: "What is Mutualism?" by Clarence Lee Swartz "Individual Liberty" by @BenjaminRTucker  Swartz edited the Tucker book down from "Instead of a Book" by removing the letters from other people and streamlining the answers into more essay like pieces. 

This next one is special, as I've been waiting to open this.  It is a still-sealed box from a Mass. bookbinders shipped to M&S Press in 1971. Thanks to YOU, Patrons, it was much easier to get this. It was not cheap.

7 -  It contains a 6 volume set of "The Collected Works of Lysander Spooner." Edited by Charles Shively. Obviously Spooner was not an Egoist (as per his advocacy of Natural Law, among others), but he was a very important American individualist. 

8 -  More recently, this is one of six sets of Enemy Combatant Catalog. E/C is an egoist/individuals publisher. They've released dozens of booklets of amazing material. From August 2016 - May 2017 Trevor Blake hand bound 6 sets of their entire catalog, over 40 booklets (1,200+ pages!)

(the only set offered for sale is here)

9 - A signed copy of James J. Martin's "Men Against the State" gifted to us by MM. Originally printed in 1953, pictured is a 1970 Ralph Myles edition. British Egoist Sidney E. Parker referred to it as "one of the most objective books on anarchists ever written".

 10 - A 1977 book of poetry from Wm. Flygare.  See: http://www.sidparker.com/necrology/william-flygare-1916-1997/ 

 11 - A bound collection of anti-Socialist pamphlets by John Basil Barnhill. Perplexing fellow, a reverend who edited Egoist journal "The Eagle and The Serpent" under pseudonym John Erwin McCall. He also used "Volcano". shown here is a transcription of a debate with Socialist Henry M. Tichenor, author "The Sorceries and Scandals of Satan" 

 12 - original 1902 copy of Vol2 No5 of "The Eagle and The Serpent" and the Stand Alone facsimile edition (available from @StayDownHere ).  A LOT of material from "The Eagle and The Serpent" was used for the book "A Bible Not Borrowed from the Neighbors."