Twitterella by Janelle Fila
A fairy tale retelling in tweets.

Prom in > 3 weeks. Princess sleeves & imperial waist? Kick ass heels? Rhinestone clutch? Check. Invite from @JeffersonJohnson #HintHint

@DairyQueen Asking a high school student to work on prom Sat is like requesting a soldier to work on Veteran's Day. Don’t I deserve a life?

Noooo!!!! Knight in shining armor asked out wrong princess. Why did I promise to work six straight closes for one stupid day off? #LifeSucks

Stag at prom, no pumpkin carriage or glass slipper.  Broke a heel but kept rocking to 80s heavy metal #Wicked and #TwistedSister 

Prince Charming stood up by @SamanthaGG Ruined her prom queen odds for one douchebag ex-boyfriend Suddenly being alone not so lame

Best chaperon ever worked her fairy godmother magic.  Slow song starts and two hands graze my hips. Next, smooth lips #HappilyEverAfter

Janelle Fila is the founding member of YAmmering. Her poems and short stories have appeared in Word Hotel, the Young Adult Review Network (YARN),, Proud to Be Anthology, Volume III, and, this fall, The Louisville Review.  She lives in Ohio with her husband and teenage son.