TWITTERTALE (All Ponies/They are all from Twitter.)
Main Characters

Frisk - @6th82097239  

Chara - @SpeedyPatriot  

Toriel - @Mlp_Abbie  

Papyrus - @striker46944960 

Sans - Me. (@MLP_Foxytastic)  

Undyne - @MisaAfton

Alphys - @MLP_Trixie  

Mettaton - Pinkie Pie Bot 

Asgore - @Mlp_Allen4  

Asriel - @mlp_ColeAndCail 

Muffet: @mlp_lunalover23 

Napstablook: @mlp_emerald2  

Monster Kid: @Mlp_Aragorn  


 Royal Guards: Diamond Dogs 

Mad Dummy: @draxterx7  

Doggo - Karl the Diamond Dog. 

 Amalgamates: Corrupted Ponies (Dark Ponies) 

So Sorry: Redbolt

Endogeny: Opal (Corrupted) 

 Annoying Dog - Annoying Dog 

Temmie - Gummy 

Lesser Dog - Opal 

Greater Dog - Opal (Mad) 

Gaster: ⚐☼☼🕆🏱☜  ⚐☼ 

 Twittertale's Relationships are the Same as Undertale's Relationships. 



Speed's Strike Back 

Sad Fight 



HAA HA HA! (Nyeh Heh Heh!) 


PRECONCEPTION (Megalovania) 

Your Best Filly (Same For Your Best Nightmare) HAAA HA HA HA! ((Nyeh, Heh, Heh!)) Schlüsselklinge 

 Extra Songs: Disbelief Aaron Trixie NEO Vengeance. ((From Revenge Sans)) 

 Extra Ponies Songs: So Sorry...  Corrupted Ponies THE CASTLE  ⚐☼ ☟☜☜ Opal 

 Twittertale Powers:

 Abigail - Fire 

Striker - Papyrus' Attacks in form of Swords  

Foxy (Me): Gaster Blasters (Desintegratorst) Flying Pirate Wooden legs and Hooks, platforms, Wooden Legs (Ground) ...  Wooden Legs (Wall),Wooden Legs (Roof), Wooden Legs (Zigzag) Golden Hooks (Desintegrators) ....  Hooks (Platforms, it's a trick, if somepony jumps on it, gets damage.)  

SpeedyPatriot - Knifes, Dash, Thunder. 

Misa - Spears, Bad Words, Cussing, Giant Swords, Dash. 

Trixie - NONE  

Pinkie Pie Bot - Flying Hearts, Boxes, Little Bots, Cupcakes! 

Allen - Keyblade, Dark Magic Cole and Cail - Asriel's Powers 

 Ruins Monsters: Ponies (Normal Mane) 

Snowdin Monsters: Ponies (Snow Mane) 

Waterfall Monsters: Ponies (Water Mane)  

Hotland Monsters: Ponies (Lava Mane) 

Core Monsters: Corrupted Ponies (No Mane) 

True Lab Monsters: Corrupted Ponies (Glitched) 

Twittertale's Character Clothes are the same as Undertale's clothes. 

Twittertale's History is the same as Undertale's History. 

Twittertale's gameplay is the same as Undertale's gameplay. 


6th Sense - You are filled with Sensation. (You are Filled with Determination). SpeedyPatriot - Speed. (Determination).  

Abbie - My little... (My Child)... 

Striker - Hee Hee Hee! (NYEH HEH HEH!!)  

Foxy - Do you wanna have a horrible time? (Do you wanna have a bad time?) 

Misa - NGAHHHHHHHHHHHH! (Original) 

Trixie (doesn't.)  

Pinkie Pie Bot - Ha Haaa! (Oh Yesss!) 

Allen (doesn't.) 

Cole/Cail (Doesn't, she/he is Asriel, Asriel doesn't have a phrase.)