Two baby Astrians are born!
I've been trying to figure out a way to integrate Fan Astrians in a way that people are able to receive official ones but it still be a rare occurrence. I also wanted to utilize the growth process and make it fun for those who will receive one. In the latest update to our Patreon, I've introduced official Fan Astrians to all the Patrons! The rare thing will be that even though everyone starts out with one, not everyone will get to the point of having a fully matured astrian. Only loyal long time supporters will reach that goal, which is what I want. A reward for loyalty that doesn't depend on how much you give a month but rather you sticking around each month.

So each time a Patron accumulates $100 in pledges their astrian will grow to the next stage. Stages are Formation, Infancy, Child, Adult (Astrian), and Celestrian, though more secret stages will be unlocked as the overall story progresses.

In the meantime Patrons are encouraged to guess and give ideas on their fan astrian. The astrians are now featured on the Team Astria web page!

That said we want to give a Club Astria/Patreon welcome to our first two baby astrians! Check out the webpage to see which baby is for who!