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Two Chairs No Waiting 348: Mayberry Cruise Trivia 2015
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Wow....I just got back from the 2015 version of the Cruise to Mayberry and it was great fun. We did all kinds of fun Mayberry related things to include a very interesting interview with Ronnie Schell that we'll be hearing here on the show in the coming weeks (stay tuned).

We also had some trivia during the cruise and since we hadn't done any trivia here on the podcast since episode #331 I figured it was time for some more. So, here is the trivia questions and answers that were given on the Mayberry Cruise. See how you do and keep score. These are pretty hard questions.

The cruise champion, Pat Bullins, scored 18 of the 21 points. Mike Haviland had 17 and Noel Houze came in 3rd with 15. See how you did versus their scores.

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