Two Figures. Study. Acrylic on paper, 2016.
As I mentioned in my last post, I have been moved by so many things that come through my feeds online. I painted this piece last week of my friend's mom who just passed.  There was something about the image that stayed close to my heart and had me looking back at it. I made it my study that morning. It is heading up to Toronto with me next week and will be passed along to my friend. 

To me, painting makes more sense as psychic outreaches. It makes sense as a way to cast out lines of joy, kindness and tenderness. I do not understand this act as a commodity. You know? 

Not sure what else to say, except I just keep painting. I feel as though I am coming to a place where my work is free. And I have all the trust in the world when it comes to operating in this sort of realm. 

Until next,