Two Halves of One Whole
A Chinese character for that story that takes place in the 1800s (That story has slowly been going through a huge retooling in the back of my mind, because that's what seems to happen when I abandon stories for a long time? When I dig them out again, they often don't look anything like when I left them)

Li Mingyan is a closeted trans-woman, and I wanted to show the duality of his/her personality (I'll probably end up being confusing with Li's pronouns, sorry) Li works for Master Wong, a merchant with a warehouse full of strange and possibly dangerous stuff...  It's Li's job to do...basically whatever Wong tells him to. Keeping accounts, writing letters, taking meeting notes, tracking inventory, and making deliveries.

(This character has been haunting me for the last two weeks or so, she just won't get out of my head. The idea came because Chinese men had to wear queues at this time, which involved shaving part of their head, which is a unique challenge for anyone who would want to pass as a girl.)