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Two Hearts Break On A Quiet Night
Hey everyone 

I watched The Eagles documentary on Netflix a couple of weeks back and felt so inspired by the music, I said to myself 'I want to write an Eagles-y' song. So this just flowed out of me, as a kind of tribute to their music, which has influenced me so much over the years.

You can download the demo audio on the Patreon post, and watch the little video I made on my couch late in the night.

I've been songwriting so much lately (what's new really... i'm pretty much always writing) and I think I'll be sharing more new song demos with you over the coming months ... hope that's ok! Would love to know which ones you love... I'm already thinking about the next album even though this current one is still a couple of months off being released haaaaa.

Much love, and thankyou for supporting the songwriting and music making, and letting me share the process with you