Two Jokes That Made My Family Decide I'm Not Funny
Q: What do you call it when you fall asleep in a swimming pool on top of one of those floating mats?

A: A wet nap.

Q: What do you do when your backless three-legged chair is too uncomfortable to sit on?

A: Use a stool softener.

I think I'm hilarious.

Also I got a present with some beautiful silver and black Merry Christmas wrapping paper from my cousin!  I quickly figured out that I could cut out the letters and spell my name. Then, when I was mocked for being immature, I figured out I could spell  other things too.

When we were driving to Connecticut I took some notes about the area, about songs on the radio, about lines I want to write about, about town names, chunks of anecdotes I want to research.  The file is attached! Merry Christmas!  Or, as I like to say, Heather says mama is a rat!