Two Month Update!
Hello! It's now May, and I want to start it off by saying 'thank you!' to all the people who have supported me in the past two months! Thanks to you, we have drawn four pages for Adventure Zine,  got thirteen maps drawn and set up for Sightless, and as a bonus, drawn two monthly prints.

Looking at what has been done thus far, I can safety say that Adventure Zine will be created by October 2016; seeing as I've been handling two pages a month, I'll have everything drawn out by the end of August, but I'll definitely need an extra month to prep the pages, both new art and old. Once it is done, all my patrons will have early access to the PDF!

As for Sightless, nailing a set date for the game is a bit more difficult, as the map creation can be big or small depending on the events, art style, and size of the overall map.  However, we are 13/67 maps done, so I expect that we'll be making lots of progress once the winter season kicks in! While I don't see the game coming out anytime soon, I'm hoping to create a demo next year; summer 2017 at worst, spring 2017 at best.

Again, thank you!