two month wrap-up
Two months on Patreon, and I want to show some of what's happened with your support.

Keysafe has developed from an idea to a working implementation. It should be available in Debian soon. There are even three keysafe servers around the world ready to securely back up gnupg keys. Many backers sponsored commits to keysafe.

While developing keysafe I also fixed many bugs in the Haskell implementation of argon2, which I now co-maintain. And, I made a Haskell library that interfaces to the zxcvbn-c password strength estimator.

As usual, git-annex was another major focus. As well as several sponsored commits, backers who sponsored whole days of development were: Riku Voipio Jake Vosloo, Josh Taylor, Thomas Hochstein, Jake Vosloo (again)

Backers also sponsored commits to propellor and ikiwiki-hosting.

Thanks for your continued support!

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