Two months, two more poems from Toppy!
Take That, Feckers 

I found out the other day

That my job does not pay!

Sitting here all the time,

You'd think pilots are worth a dime.

But here I am, day in and out.

The captain’s just a hairy lout;

He argues that time is arbitrary

And that our work is pretty cherry!

I have planned to make my fortune

Through secretive extortion.

Blackmailing is appreciative

When you are truly creative.

Also, the crew is technically declined

Since we time traveled from Victorian times.

They know nothing of photoshopped pictures

And I have 'shopped some major trickers!

Captain Lucky with harem girls...

Engineer Emma with perfect curls...

(See, Emma has such shitty hair

And Lucky is not so lucky, “down there”.)

Mina with her parents, still alive!

Silent Tom thinking he'll survive!

They will pay me so much loot

To ensure that these futures are absolute...

Eventually, they will figure it out

That these futures never come about,

But by then I'll be so rich

That all they can do is whine and bitch!

Take that, feckers.

The Girl on the Flying Bomb

I speed through the air,

With the greatest of ease,

On the back of a bomb

Across large open seas!

I hope we can land soon

Because the strong breeze

But I'm afraid what collision

Will bring!

I regret my decision to do this

I really did not think it through

I don't know how I will survive this

I wish I could have a redo!

I see a small island!

I see a small shore!

Hopefully, I won’t explode

And cause a world war!

This bomb may be smart,

Much smarter than me,

This girl on the MK80!  

I honor of Jackie, Leo, Ruth and Celeste, May 2016

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