Two Mr. Show Specials This Week!

Are you a fan of Mr. Show? Ever shampoo a shampooer? Then you obviously know there’s a new version of the classic alternative sketch comedy program coming to Netflix this week. W/ Bob and David premieres Friday, November 13th and the storytellers here at Universe Box are super excited about it.

Bill Meeks & Bobby Hawke are holding a THREE NIGHT EVENT this week to celebrate. Want to come shake the crime stick with us? Here’s the info you need:

Mr. Show with Bobby & Bill (Thursday 8:30 PM EST)

Mr. Show with Bobby and Bill (Thursday, 8:30PM EST at Come celebrate the classic series with us. We’ll bring Bill’s college roommate JG along to discuss all of our favorite sketches, as well as our hopes for the new Netflix show.

Live Tweeting W/ Bob & David (Friday, 8:00PM EST on Twitter): Follow Universe Box and Bobby Hawke on Twitter to watch the new show along with us. We’ll start at 8pm and have a few breaks in between.

W/ Bob & David W/ Bobby and Bill (Saturday 8:30PM EST)

W/ Bob and David W/ Bobby and Bill (Saturday, 8:30PM EST at We’ll dissect the new Netflix series. Find out what we liked, what we hated, and if they recaptured the ol’ magic.

We’ll also be releasing these as audio specials on the old Universe Box podcast feed if you miss them live.

We hope to see you in chat, but if you can’t make it here’s our contact info to send in your thoughts on the new show (or the old one):

E-mail: [email protected]
Twitter: @Universe_Box
Voicemail Number: (424) 274-2352