Two New Patrons; Aeka the Allegory Auditor and Jamie the Justifier! + News!
Hey all! I just wanted to introduce two new patrons to our crazy mix! Please warmly welcome Aeka and Jamie and help them feel at home here in the community! I just wanted to say that I appreciate you two showing support to the game. It's been a rocky two months but I think we're getting back up to speed and taking care of business as usual. With that said, if you guys have any questions at all about the game, it's status, concerns, questions---whatever you need, just send me a message or email. I'll try to respond asap ^_^ Also, I encourage you and everyone else to speak your minds. I should be sending out your personalized thank you emails shortly as well. 

I'll be sending out reward reminders tomorrow and I decided to extend the deadline for using the out-dated reward system until the 5th of this month, then they are going bye bye. After that, we'll just have the new current reward system. That's a lot less for me to keep track of as well. So if you have outdated rewards and you'd like to use them, please let me know immediately. Anyway! Yeah, email reminders tomorrow about rewards and new codes and I'll have a mini-progress report on the game. Hopefully, I can get the hotfix finished tonight (no promises) before I conk out >.< If so, I'll be doing a hotfix release tomorrow. If not, it'll be soon again. I've added about 65k words to the hotfix and a couple of cool new things that I hope you guys really enjoy. There's even new rooms (empty ones but they have arrival and basic descriptions with customized weather etc)

Also, we should be meeting our St.Jude's donation this month too, so I'll be sending that out to them and then letting you guys know what they say! How exciting!! Because of you guys we've helped a lot of children so far. Let's keep at it. 

That's all I got for the time being. Hang in there. I know I am. @[email protected] It's been a very strange....busy summer. Welcome again, Aeka and Jamie!