Two-part design article on Auro
Hello all! I'm still working on 3MGD Episode 9. I might have it out late tonight if things go well; I've just been delayed because for the past couple weeks I've had an awful cold that actually turned out to be strep throat. Don't worry, though, I'm on antibiotics now and I'm taking them as prescribed! Anyway, I figured these might be interesting to you guys because they are the result of my actual hands-on design at work. For Auro I've spent the last month or so processing the last year or so's worth of balance feedback and testing, and I think we've come out with some really, really positive changes overall. I'm super psyched for 1.29, but I hope you design-minded types get something out of just reading the motivation for the changes either way. Here's a two-part article I just finished about the gameplay and metagame changes for Auro: Part 1: Part 2: Enjoy! And keep your eyes peeled for 3MGD Episode 9!