Two Videos Tonight
The first video, "Bigfoot Uses The Force," which is currently processing, is about how the Sasquatch are somehow able to use 'The Force' or something very similar.  Yes, I am referencing Star Wars right now, and no, i'm not kidding.  What I mention in this video is found nowhere else on the internet, to my knowledge.  I've never heard another researcher mention it, yet it isn't even that uncommon.  Whatever it is is a very significant behavior, and strongly gives credence to the idea that there is much more to Sasquatch then that of which we are currently aware.  (It's a Weird Story Wednesday post, so it'll only be available to top Tier Patrons)

The second video is (finally) that recent outing into high elevation into Sasquatch Shangri La.  I've been talking about all week.  It's a REALLY cool vid.  Took me 9 hours to edit, which took my whole Saturday, argh.  But I think it turned out well.  That will be exporting for the next 2 hours.  It's an hour long, but it's not boring at all.  You'll love it for all the Sasquatch evidence it highlights.