Two Weeks Away from Our New Series
For the last couple of weeks, we have been working on a new series for Poisoning the Well and we wanted to take a minute talk to you, our patrons, about it.

First of all, this is a series that we absolutely could not do with you.  This new series launches with the highest level of production (and the biggest budget) of anything we have attempted to date.  Your support here on Patreon, as well as in superchats, has been combined with our own (significant) personal investment so that we could attempt a completely new science fiction series.  Yes, you read that right.

Last night was our second night of filming the pilot episode (which is an introduction to the series) and we hope to wrap filming tonight.  We will then go into editing which will likely take at least a week.  We have already done test shoots and then edited sample scenes to make sure we could pull off some of the effects required and we're quite pleased with the results.  Also next week we will be filming the first episode of the new format.  We're very excited about this and, if Pat's ten minute laughing fit from last night is any indication, we think this could be the funniest thing we've ever done.

This doesn't mean that we are changing our channel to this new format.  We're just adding a new series that will have it's own characters, style, and themes.  We are following up the first 2 episodes of the series with a new music video, a new "punching up" video, and even an animated series.  During this time we'll also be doing several livestreams with some interesting new guests and we will be sponsoring a giveaway of two tickets to MythCon V in Milwaukee, WI where we hope you will come hang out with us and an army of special YouTube guests.

We want to challenge ourselves to try new things...  To learn new skillsets...  And to make the most of your investment in us.  We simply couldn't do this without your support and we cannot thank you enough.

Watch for early release of the new series here on Patreon and we'll see you next week for a livestream where we tell you more about the MythCon V giveaway, our Cinco de Mayo meetup with SomeBlackGuy in Atlanta, and our plans for VidCon 2018 in Los Angeles.  We hope to meet all of you this year!