TWW on the Slow Your Home Podcast

On this episode of the podcast, we share our interview with Brooke & Ben McAlary from the Slow Your Home podcast. We met Brooke & Ben at Podcast Movement in Anaheim this past August and we connected over our mutual love of travel, and then we quickly learned that we also share a love of the Canadian Rocky Mountains (Canmore is Brooke & Ben’s home away from home!).

During this interview, we talk about how we have developed a lifestyle of where we travel long-term and live almost entirely nomadic. We dig deep into how we fell in love with travel, how our travel style has shifted, and what life looks like as “digital nomads”. We talk about how we manage the expectations of our family, friends and colleagues, and what it’s been like to convince the people in our life that we’ve got more than just the “travel bug”!

We also talk about how we deal with visa regulations and immigration, financing our trips, and how to decide when to call it quits on a trip. Finally, we share what we have learned through our travels about ourselves and each other, and how it has improved our relationship as a couple.