a typical love poem.
You're every stripe of color in the sunrise

and the soft misty glow of the stars at night when the moon hasn't quite woken up.

You're the gentle breeze that lifts my hair on a warm spring day,

caresses my face and dries my tears.

You're the soft powdery snow that dusts my hair and blows around me like an embrace,

A cool drink of water and the first sip of my morning coffee,

both refreshing and invigorating and all I want after a long day or a night of sleep,

A crackling fireplace to warm cold, tired hands;

you're the sun in the sky who says hello,

the breathtaking glimpse of a forest bathed in starlight.

I think of you when the night is long

and when the days are bright and full of smiles 

when the sun says "see you tomorrow" and waves his colorful goodbye 

as the moon blinks her sleepy eyes

and, with every turn of the world, my heart beats

for you. 

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