Tyw's Day Thoughts
Today's a bit of a slippery day. Can't seem to stick to a single task for long enough before I sort of start to slide away in one way or another.

I did finish the illustration side of a poem (patrons will be able to view it after this post). But when I started on the poem side, my nib decided to vomit ink on the paper and it meant having to prepare another paper -- cutting it to size and applying the first layer of wash and letting it dry. 

I signed up for the April Camp NaNoWriMo. I want to put together a collection of fragments of stories. Seedlings from my journal that were gathered from observations, daydreams, nightdreams, nightmares, and chance encounters. Later on these fragments may grow further into something, or something else.

I suspect that part of the slipperiness of Things is because I've gone back into a reading rhythm again, and being in one always skews my perception and sensation of reality a bit. More so that the series of stories I am reading now (I've already finished two) are fairy tale and myth retellings and reinventions.  

It had taken me some time to get back into my bookworm groove, coming from a frenzied feeding of Japanese and Korean drama stories. No book would hook me long enough or deep enough to pull me into the story. But finally, as I was browsing Amazon's recommendations I was caught by a book titled "Spindle". It was only $0.99 so I first tried the sample and was soon clicking Buy. And now that story trail is keeping me entranced while it links its own threads into the creative projects I am working on now. I like it when this happens, when my reading and my dreaming and my artmaking all connect and integrate.

This Patreon blog space feels somewhat lonely. Or perhaps empty. Like talking to myself out loud and then only hearing the echoes of my own voice. But I want to stay here for a while. Gather the energies and inspiration here. It will all build up, bit by bit, day by day. One day there will be a new patron. And then another. And another.

One day, I will be a patron supporting an artist with more than a dollar. And another. And another. 

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