Tier Benefits
Underground Listener
$3 or more per month
At $3 and over per month, you'll get everything at the previous level, plus audio podcast episodes of Underwood and Flinch: Underground - exclusively at Patreon - a minimum of one episode per month. This level will also showcase some previously unpodcast stories, like my post-apocalyptic zombie story, After the Plague.
Underground Listener +
$5 or more per month
At $5 or more a month, you'll get everything available at previous levels but also have access to the occasional Q&A podcast, Overground.
And you'll also receive an invitation to two live Google on-air readings of various works per year.
Top Patron
$10 or more per month
I've added this because some people are pledging $10 and over a month. It seems only right to have a separate category for them. You'll get everything at the lower levels, plus an invitation to Skype chat with me once a year. You'll also be super-awesome!!!
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