U.S Weather Outlook - October 26, 2017 + Big Storm Headed for NYC
For the West: 

Nearly for the Past week Skies have been Sunny except for the NW where they had a couple of Strong weather systems that Delivered a dose of Flooding rain and strong winds. But since then Temperatures have felt like Summer Across much of Southern California and Northern California with Temperatures still expected to reach the mid Mid 80's to Mid 90's for the next 2 days before a cooling trend is expected. Looks like the GFS Models want to bring in a Chance of Rain by Friday afternoon next week for Northern and Central California.   

For the East:  A Cold, Windy and Snow storm is on it's way into the Great lakes by Saturday with Light rain and Snow expected Minor Lake effect Rain showers are likely with a a slight possibility for a dusting of snow. But when the cold air sharpens the Warm rising air this Cold front will start to produce Rain showers that maybe heavy at times across Tennessee, Ohio, Alabama, Georgia and more states to the East. A Tropical Surface low expected to develop of the Florida coast will meet up with a Strong upper level Jet along with Colder air coming in from the North. This recipe will rapidly deepen the Surface low as it parallels with the East Coast. This storm may produce Damaging winds across Maine, especially along the Coast where winds could Gust to near 80+ mph according to the Computer models. Over NYC. however will get Moderate to Heavy rain along with strong West to NW winds gusting to 25 to 40 mph. This storm is not expected to produce any Snow but there's still a chance for Waterspouts along the frontal boundary when the front moves offshore.   Please don't forget to Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to get the Latest Weather alert's and Updates. I'll have a U.S Weather outlook released by 7 am PDT due to the fact that i'm going to head to my grandparents house for the weekend. I'll return to normal scheduling by Monday October 30, 2017.