'uDodge:Practice Tool' Game-launch!!!!
Hello everyone! On March 16th 2018, I have managed to released my very first mini game, which I am currently working on improving. I am an animation student, currently on my second year and I would love to make my own indie games as a full-time job.

In order to make this happen though, I will be needing some assistance. I am not at a point where I can invest financially in my games for the different licences (App store, Google Play, Steam etc) and would love to get my games out there in as many platforms as possible.

By helping me out, you are allowing me to get my games out there in as many platforms as I possibly can and you are also allowing me to invest more time into learning how to make games as well as making them!

I would love to have you in this journey and make some awesome games with/for you.

uDodge is currently being re-designed and given a new concept ,while maintaining the same mechanics, in order to make it more visually engaging.

You can find the current version of the game: