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UFP 151: Mike Epps leads all black Uncle Buck reboot, Marvel’s Secret Wars and Snoop Dogg watches Game of Thrones “for historic reasons”
Hey yo! Let’s go! We’re early (for once!) but that doesn’t mean a diminished quality! No, it’s the same bog-standard that you’re accustomed to and deserve! Let’s get to it! Libraries with comic books: good stuff! SUPANOVA is upon us!!!! Let’s the cavalcade of “Stars” shine on! Happy Birthday George Carlin!!! UFP CREW QUESTION! UFP NEWS AND UFP OF THE WEEK! - Irish Gay Rights - Panty upskirt photo video game with 65 word title - Snoop Dogg is a obscenely retarded moron - Mike Epps leads all black Uncle Buck reboot NERD NEWS!!! - The Muppets gets greenlit on the ABC - CW The Atom spinoff is called Legends of Tomorrow - The Jem Movie - Indiana Jones 5 - Netflix Tax - Lucifer Trailer - Forever cancelled - Constantine cancelled - Archie comics on kickstarter - Penny Dreadful returns Comic reviews! - Secret Wars #1 - Jojos Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
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