Ugh! Not again!

I don’t know about you folks but, I certainly have a long relationship with that phrase. Yes, in real life and of course in my literary life too. Repetition makes me feel uninterested and uninspired. And really, what is the point of writing the same things again and again.

Some ‘learned’ people would argue that aren’t we all writing iterations of something all ready existing. Well, yes we are but, try to remember the last exciting piece you wrote or read. Wouldn’t you agree that after giving it the required amount of thought and research, it could be traced back to various pre-existing works? So what was so different?

Many of you would answer, ‘Presentation’. Yes definitely. Is that all? Certainly not! See, it’s the combination of existing themes, dated words and encoded expressions of experience and emotions that explores a completely different aspect of something that has been written about a million times already. It’s almost always about what has not been written, the thing for which the poet goes great lengths to describe and talk about, the very thing that is hidden in plain sight.  I know I might not be making much sense. But how else do you talk about that abstract obscure thing, except in puzzles, going around in circles?

If you ask me, sometimes, it’s just a word. A word that might not even be related to the theme of the poem. Yes, it’s that crazy and stupid sometimes. But that sort of inspiration does not come so often. At the same time it’s important to keep writing. And all that is there is the same themes and thoughts. That does nothing to challenge your poetic senses. And so the ‘Ugh…..Not again!’ moment comes again.

As it happens so often that these things happen to me exclusively, so I will, as always, brag about my way of dealing with it. So what’s my solution?

grab that quill

or hold that pen, firm.

calm yourself

let the thoughts through.

yes, expressing is

of pressing importance.

But, it’s pressing important

to keep alive the expression.

So you must keep on

as ‘the show, must go on’!