Disclaimer: yes this is a curse! Yes, this might be considered in poor taste, unethical, grimm, gritty, stupid, dark as hel and perhaps even downright evil by some. So before even attempting something like this, be sure to consider every unforeseen consequences by usage, and be ready to reap what you sow. The consequences of your actions, can easily turn on you, if not planned and executed well. Even with proper planning and preparation, things could go sideways in a heartbeat, if you are uncertain or hesitant in your work. If you're lucky, it might just not work at all! These are staves to aid in the misfortune of someone's attempt at achieving better health and well-being. This would be aimed at someone who is attempting to become healthy by either lifestyle changes, therapy, medicinal care or even surgery. The purpose of the staves are to flaw the attempt, causing the person's situation to become even worse. Do these staves onto a material, fitting for your purpose, and of possible, in a manner that will amplify the effect of the galdr. If you have no idea how to do this, simply drawing the staves onto a piece of paper, or other material at hand, should also yield results (but are you really knowing what you're doing, if you have no clue?) Once done, prepare a candle, by etching the name of the person into it. Preferably use a black candle for this, but depending on the situation, something else might be more relevant. You should know this, so no point in giving examples. Place the candle in the center of the galdrastafir, and light it up. As the candle begins to burn, concentrate on the flame. See the person you are trying to effect, and how the galdr is reaching out to the person, and slowly starts to infect their luck, willpower and determination to succeed in reaching better health. See how the very thing they are trying to do, in order to reach their goals, slowly turns and starts working against them. Do this while you whisper their name, and any fitting words of discouragement, eder and harm into the galdr. Continue doing this, while slowly raising your voice, until you feel yourself reaching the peak of your focus. Then, preferably break your focus abruptly and violently, by forcefully blowing out the flame, or perhaps even slamming the palm of your hand down upon the candle. Quickly gather everything used for the galdr: stave, candle and what other materials you have incorporated, and carry it off to somewhere desolate and fitting. Here you bury everything in the ground. Make sure it's some place, where no one is likely to dig up the remains. Now, go home and take a long shower, bathe, take a swim or somehow clean yourself in water, and everything should be set.
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