Uhhh can I get a break
Hey so I'm about to go to college and I have a lot of issues that might need some help. Not trying to beg because I hate asking for help in the first place BUT I was recently diagnosed with epilepsy and it turns out I've had it my entire life (18 years whoops way to go @doctors) which makes driving a little Risky™  and finding jobs has never been easy as I live in a fairly urban area and all of the 'teenage' jobs are being taken by older people along with the fact that I have No Experience Whatsoever. I currently have $40 to my name for emergencies only (food, meds, etc.) and my medication list is pretty extensive due to my other medical issues. I don't want to beg so don't go giving money PLEASE I will do something in return. I can make you some art, I did the twitter cover for my friend for about $3 but honestly it's worth $5 and I'm very patient and will work with you to make it work I promise.

I'll be trying to add more art, it'll be a little hard since I haven't made much digital stuff (been applying to college and stuff) but hopefully the examples will peak some interest. Thank you for any help you can offer! I would ever be willing to do group commissions for cheaper if you would like!!!!