UI Component Update
Hello patrons! Just a quick pre-office-hours update today. Paid members will also be getting a new post with some more research ephemera on Magento's UI Component column configurations, as well as the first attempts at a unified epub/pdf/etc ebook publishing engine.

Thanks to your support I've been able to hunker down and really get my hands dirty with Magento 2's UI Component system. I've written a high level overview of the architecture


I've discovered there's another custom Magento framework on top of KnockoutJS templates


I've been able to dig deep into how Magento's KnockoutJS bindings are [setup](),



And I've built a pestle command to create grid listings.


Without the current, (and promises of future), Patreon revenue, I'd have spent late June and July working small one off freelance jobs. The above content would not have happened without you. Thanks again for your support.

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