Ukraine's Game of Thrones: What Zelensky's Inauguration OMENS Tell Us!



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Ukraine's Game of Thrones: What Zelensky's Inauguration OMENS Tell Us!

The inauguration itself contained a repeat omen, which has plagued Ukraine since before 2014: people and things tend to fall during inaugurations and important events.  


From the very beginning of Zelensky's campaign, omens abounded suggesting that peace is an unattainable dream for Ukraine at this time... You'll recall me talk about it in previous Patreon posts and ESP10 podcast on YT. The reason people voted for Zelensky in such large numbers is protest against Poroshenko, war in Donbass and poor relations with Russia. 

Omen 1: 

Poroshenko's fail. He ran his campaign on It's me or Putin slogan. Putin bested him 3 to 1. On pic: It's Poroshenko or Putin - this was on billboards all around the country:

Omen 2: 

As discussed in previous Patreon articles and ESP10, Zelensky won because people voted for the fictional character played by Zelensky in his TV series 'Servant of the People.' Seeing how well the populace reacts to the honest and un-corruptible fictional president Goloborodko, Zelensky and his handlers (US and Kolomoysky), decided to have him enact this role in real life. In the series, he famously shoots and kills the entire Rada, gangster style. 

In the series, fictional president Zelensky also wakes up to find that Ukraine has split into 28 parts overnight. You decide if this is an omen or a prophecy:


Vladimir Zelensky was inaugurated on May 20, 2019 as the new president of Ukraine (almost said final, lol). 

Yet another omen! 

The date was chosen by Rada (parliament) with a purpose. They wanted to drag the inauguration out longer, till after the cut-off for Zelensky to dismiss the 8th Rada. However, the US and EU leaned on Ukraine/Rada/Poroshenko to stop mocking the process and make the inauguration happen asap, in order to (QUOTE) 'make a smooth transition of power.' 

My pevious conclusion yet again confirmed: US and EU have given up on Poroshenko a long time ago and this Ukro-Nazi Rada is making them uncomfortable. Poroshenko was unable to deliver on most of his promises to the West: Ukraine didn't submit to remolding as well as they hoped, and at the same time, Poroshenko clique's appetites for stealing, killing and corruption were way out of proportion. Besides, Trump has a personal grudge against Poroshenko and the 8th Rada for supporting Clinton and engineering the Manafort scandal. 

But there is a bigger reason for wanting to get over with the transition of power in Kiev: Washington can't wait to start molding the new president and his team into what they want. Delaying inauguration delays their plans.

The Rada, ordered by Washington not to delay inauguration, delivered one last rude jesture as its final act. Zelensky asked for inauguration on Sunday, but they scheduled it for Monday, a work day. As a result, most guests canceled their visit. Zelensky sent out invitations, but Washington and EU only sent some minor observers, while anyone of any significance declined.

Rudy Giuliani was supposed to represent Trump, but he declined, as well. You might ask, who is Rudy Giuliani? He used to be super-influential when he was the New York mayor. He still is very influential within the republican party, but he doesn't occupy any official posts, and he is Trump's big supporter. Giuliani, nevertheless, has been already dictating to Kiev what to do, criticizing this and that. It appears he was named by Trump as the 'curator' of Ukraine, like Biden was under Obama. And even he declined his visit to the inauguration. 

The worst part, US VP Pence was expected, but he declined too! 

The picture is dismal, because it seems no one believes in Ukraine in its current state any more, not even those who created it with their own hands. 

Meantime, Putin's spokesperson, Peskov, when asked whether Putin will congratulate the new president, replied that Zelensky will be congratulated not during inauguration, but when Russia sees concrete steps to stop war in Donbass and improve relations with Russia. 

But that's what Zelensky simply cannot do! Neither armed Ukro-Nazis inside Ukraine, nor 'curators' abroad will let him... Unless US for some reason, such as discussed in latest article ANALYSIS & PREDICTIONS: Will US Attack Iran? Can This Start WWIII? desperately needs to butter up Russia to get cooperation on an important global issue. 

Yet, the very election of such unlikely candidate is a sign! Things are SHIFTING in Ukraine! The situation began moving in a new direction, and this movement cannot be stopped! The forces of reason - brutally maligned, prosecuted and suppressed under Poroshenko - can now again begin lifting their heads. This process has already begun: the following Rada will be very different! The opposition, which wants better relations with Russia, will gain seats and Ukro-Nazis will lose seats in the parliament. Consider this my prediction!

Zelensky, as pointed out previously (listen to Podcasts on YT: ESP 10, 11 and 12), is a talented comedian and showman. He can make a good show and deliver a punchline. So he did during inauguration. He said rather dramatically that he was dismissing this Rada. But before they go, he demanded that Rada passes several laws it's unable to pass. It would be the same as shooting itself in the foot - after all they are the culprits. The laws demanded by Zelensky: stripping Rada deputies and ex-presidents of imminuty and establishing new stricter law for prosecution of corruption. This is like asking them to adopt a law that is guaranteed to send them to jail!

He also demanded that the laws governing elections into Rada be changed - not possible since by law no changes are permitted during election campaign, and this campaign began automatically once Zelensky announced the dismissal of the Rada.

Zelensky also demanded that the outgoing Rada dismisses the prime minister, defense minister, attorney general, etc., in other words Poroshenko's people who have to leave anyway. In short, the whole big speech, given to the huge applause of the crowd gathered outside, was a purely populist move. 

Meantime, not a word was spoken about the elephant in the room: the end of the Donbass war. Zelensky only said that Donbass and Crimea are Ukrainian and that he'll do everything to return the people and territories, by showing these people that they are Ukrainians and welcomed back. I am sure Crimeans listened to that with great amusement (if they ever did), and in Donbass they couldn't hear at all, due to the loud sounds of exploding Ukrainian bombs. 

Nor anything meaningful was said about relations with Russia. Before inauguration, Zelensky let slip that Putin was his enemy and that there will be no negotiations nor special status for Donbass. His advisor said that he would not recommend Zelensky meeting with Putin 'alone' as Putin will outsmart him; he should only meet with Putin in the presence of Western heads of state. Translation: Zelensky is a small and inexperienced child, who cannot be trusted without adult supervision. 

One positive thing may take place soon. Rada, as one of its final acts passed the law banning Russian language everywhere in Ukraine, under threat of a strict punishment. As a reminder, this is the language spoken by vast majority of the population, plus it is the international language of choice in the Eurasian space, knowing which allows people to seek better employment and education. Zelensky may rescind this law, giving Russian language better rights. The demands of the oppresed majority in Ukraine is for Russian to be given the status of second official language. I do not believe Zelensky can go this far: he will be sabotaged if he does. Only small moves are possible, such as simply rescinding the harmful Rada's new law, and restoring partial rights of the Russian language. 

Meantime Poroshenko, sensing a certain weakness in Zelensky, and having secured the guarantees of his personal safety from US, Brussels and Merkel, has decided not to flee after his defeat, but stay and again run for president! He already announced that. In the interim, Poroshenko is trying to rally all Ukro-Nazis and western Ukraine nationalists around him, in order to grab as many seats in the next Rada as possible, consolidating around him the most radical and hideous forces. Trump may hate him, but Poroshenko is exceptionally convenient to continue keeping Ukraine in the state of turmoil, not allowing the wounds to heal and preventing Zelensky and reasonable opposition from mending relations with Russia. What's more, the festering uncertainty in Ukraine helps US to keep a conflict zone not only next to Russia, but also next to EU. And this conflict can be activated at any moment. 


At least that's Washington's plan. My prediction is that the plan will soon begin to fail. As pointed out, the very fact of the protest election of such unusual candidate is the harbinger of things to come. 

Ukraine hasn't finished the period of falling from grace yet. If you recall my original 2014 prediction: for things to begin changing for the better, Ukraine economy, society and faith in current power has to be first completely destroyed. We aren't there yet, but we are approaching this stage. After people get disillusioned with Zelensky, things will start turning around in earnest. 

And another prediction confirmed: Zelensky wears a straitjacket similar to the one I predicted in 2016 for Trump. Even if he wanted to, he couldn't make real changes in Ukraine, due to pressure from within and without. 

Still, the process is irreversible. Slowly, tediously, Ukraine will begin drifting away from the US and closer to Russia. How long this will take... hard to say, it'll probably be much slower than it could have been. The timeline was drastically altered in the past 5 years of Poroshenko. 

I think I'll return to the timeline prediction eventually, when I see better indications as to where everything is heading. This will happen after alternative forces finally show their hand, the hand they were forced to hide for the past 5 years. 


The inauguration itself contained a repeat omen, which has plagued Ukraine since before 2014: people and things tend to fall during inaugurations and important events. 

Even before the current state of Ukraine, the bad omens plagued its presidents. During a memorial cerenony in 2013 Yanukovich was hit on the head by the falling giant wreath, as he was bowing.  My first thought was: this is a harbinger of things to come. Several months later the Kiev maidan began, resulting in Yanukovich fleeing the country. 

Before Yanukovich, an omen of things to come occurred to Yushenko in 2005. You may remember that as soon as he was elected president after an illegal third round, pushed into this position by the US through orange revolution, he suddenly developed an ugly bumpy rash all over his face. Yushenko and US promptly blamed Russia for poisoning him, which since was disproven. My first thought when I saw that rash, which never left his face throughout the whole presidential term, was that president is quite literally the face of the country. Yushenko was a rather good-looking man before the affliction; his disfugured, hard-to-look-at face as president foretold a difficult and bumpy ride for Ukraine.

In 2014 the bad omens intensified. During Poroshenko's inauguration in 2014, a guard soldier, last in the honor guard lineup before Poroshenko was to enter the Rada, fainted, almost toppling together with his gun on Poroshenko. Per rumor, the poor soldier later died. Here's that infamous moment - you see Poroshenko continuing to walk on the red carpet past the falling soldier, his gun on the ground: 

During 5 years of his reign, people continued falling around Poroshenko like flies. A general, a child, another guard soldier, female advisor - all these were victims of bizarre incidents surrounding Poroshenko. I explained this phenomenon previously, saying he was a typical energy vampire, and that is why he survived and thrived in this version of Ukraine. 

Zelensky's inauguration continued the 'fine' tradition of falling and bad omens. Thankfully, not with people, but things. Watch the sequence below!

Pic 1 shows Zelensky (after giving his presidential oath) signing his new official presidential ID, then placing it on the red pillow for the guard to carry away. I have to say that Zelensky is awfully short, so he probably could not reach to the center of the pillow, thus positioning his presidential ID near the edge. This could've been avoided: a smart and well-trained guard would've noticed the problem and acted accordingly - just goes to show how far Ukraine's IQ has fallen. And of course, the shape of the pillow is all wrong - too easy for the ID to slip. In other words, the preparation was poorly thought out. 

Pic 2: guard has the ID on the pillow - see how it's near the edge?

Pic 3: the red pillow is empty - ID has just slipped off and fallen to the ground

To see this in motion, go to this video:

Timestamp 4:48. 

Final thought! Notice that the uniform of the guard resembles a Polish uniform. This uniform has been re-designed in the past 5 years under Poroshenko. It's unlike any historic uniforms worn in the region. It is a gross departure from tradition, which is done on purpose, to try and distance Ukraine as far as possible from Russia, since Ukraine's history is intrinsically tied with Russian. It's much like the current Ukraine's morbid antem, "Ukraine isn't dead yet," which happens to be a poor copy of the Polish anthem. Anything to tear Ukraine away from Russia, complete with erazing memory and re-writing history. How else would they turn Ukraine into anti-Russia? They must make people forget their roots, turn them into mindless and voiceless slaves.

In this regard, read one of the last articles on FT: New Re-Writing of History Underway! 

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