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Here is the umalagad, the guardian diwata of a family. They have an interesting place in lore, as even characters who don't particularly revere diwata will have some sort of relationship towards a dead relative. Piety is therefore optional!

Their magic is quite basic - it is essentially 5th Edition's Inspiration mechanic presented as a spell. Speaking of which, as I complete more items in the Diwata Codex, I have begun to likewise deviate from the core of 5th Edition more. Here and onwards, I am getting rid of leveled spells, and will instead use DCs for some unpredictability. (Magic is accessible but doesn't always work.) 

The final product will have the rules better laid out, but for now here are some basics:    

  • Remove levels from spells.
  • Spells have a Base DC. When using a spell from the SRD, use the following conversion:
    Level 1 -> DC 13
    Level 2  -> DC 15
    Level 3 -> DC 17
    Level 4 -> DC 19
    Level 5 -> DC 21
  • Adjustment: Some spells can be  empowered. They will have incrementally more powerful effects when the DC is increased.
  • Adjustment: Some spells will need material components. Attempting to cast these spells without those components will increase the DC.
  • Adjustment: Some spells have the ritual tag. If you add ten minutes to your prayer, the DC is reduced by 5. 
  • Adjustment: For every attempt to beseech the diwata after the first (whether or not they succeeded), the DC of a new spell increases by 5. Finishing a long rest resets this adjustment.
  • Adjustment: The GM can increase or decrease the DCs depending on in-game circumstances.
  • Once all adjustments have been made to the Base DC, the new number is called the Invocation DC. Make an Utang na Loob (prayer) check:
    • On a success, the spell is cast. If the Invocation DC is equal to or greater than your Utang na Loob score, successfully casting the spell reduces that score by 1. The cosmic laws of debt look down on individuals who require divine help to achieve their goals.
    • On a failure, nothing happens. Perhaps the diwata is not paying attention, or does not care to help at this time. (Not that further prayers have their DC increased by 5, as noted above.)

And yes, the statblock design is not the best. We're... working on it. >.>

I hope you enjoy the umalagad!