Umber Hulk Paper Miniature
[Update 8/28/2017] -------

Hey everyone. So I goofed up. The Umber Hulk paper miniature is protected under product identity of Wizard of the Coast and as such I can't in good conscience release it outside of the DMsGuild. 

So, the bad news is I wont be able to give out my source PSD files for this miniature, but the good news is that the miniature, all of it's recolors, and it's cut files are now available for free to everyone via the DMsGuild here:

Umber Hulk Paper Miniature on the DMsGuild 


Special shout out and thanks to all of the Tier 5+ Council Members who voted on the Umber Hulk sketch, gave me the awesome idea for the zombie version, and helped me select the color options. Thank you!

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