Unanticipated Confusion
I am up early because of the new work schedule (schedule is entirely the wrong word for the random collection of days and times for which she has had to be at work, but it's the best I have at quarter of six in the morning), and I have published a piece in these early minutes that none of us really anticipated.  The idea has been percolating for easily over a year or two, inspired by the announcement by the Girl Scouts of America that they were opening their membership to those who had male bodies but were really girls inside.  The latest arguments over whether those same people ought to be permitted to use female-only public rest rooms ("toilets" for those of you in British parts of the world) pushed it into fruition, and I wrote the draft a little later than this yesterday morning when I was up not quite as early for that massive errand to get money to the bank I mentioned.

The title is web log post #83:  Help!  I'm a Lesbian Trapped in a Man's Body! and if it isn't obvious from the title, it discusses--well, no really, if it isn't obvious from the title what it discusses then don't bother to read it, you probably won't get it anyway.  I've been tossing that line--the title--around since the Girl Scout announcement way back then, and am pleased to find a place to publish it.  I'm sure it is going to stimulate some reaction.  For me, I'm going to try to get a bit more sleep since I have a late night as well, and I will wait for the dust to settle before assessing the damage.

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