Unbelievable! Unbelievable?
You'll be pleased to know The Aletheian Society are keeping busy. With Episode Three - De Profundis launching and writing for season two now well underway, we’re enjoying hearing all the various conspiracy theories that our listeners are coming up with. Who is the mysterious Queen, and what are her nefarious designs on Glasgow’s East End? Some of you might be right… but you’ll have to listen on to find out.

It’s probably now becoming apparent that while the cults, the monsters and the supernatural artefacts don’t appear in the history books, Tales From The Aletheian Society is very firmly set in the real city of Glasgow (with a few additions and adjustments under cover of poetic licence, naturally). You can still enter the Panopticon Theatre today, walk down Argyle Street and visit the University, all of them more or less unchanged from the society’s day. The old City Mortuary building is still standing, though it’s not been used to hold the dead for many years, and the rather forbidding statue of John Knox in the Necropolis continues to regard the city with a critical eye. If you bring a decent torch, a stout rope and a sense of adventure, you can get into the old tunnels that connect the leafy West End to the Necropolis, though we accept no responsibility if you get lost or wander onto the subway tracks by mistake. 

And then there are the characters. Some of them are the figments of our imaginations, others are drawn with varying degrees of accuracy from historical figures of the time. No history of Glasgow would be complete without mention of the famous William Hunter - physician, anatomist and obstetrician - who seems to have spent so much of his life collecting random body parts in jars that it’s a wonder he had any time at all for his clinical practice. The eponymous Hunterian Museum is well worth a visit when you’re in the area, along with the Glasgow University Anatomy museum which houses the majority of his specimen collection, including a truly remarkable number of pickled willies. That’s the public collection, of course, for the special collection you’ll have to take a trip to the vaults of Hunter House...

Jude Reid