Unboxing: Seydel Reeds, and an 1847 Silver!
 A packaged arrived from Seydel the just other day.

Firstly, I'd ordered some replacement stainless steel reeds for my Yonberg Typhoon, which uses Seydel reed plates.  As you may recall from a previous video of mine, I managed to blow out the 8-blow on that harp, and did a number on the 10-draw. I'm looking forward to getting it fixed up!
Secondly, the package contained a shiny new Seydel 1847 Silver. It's a slick little harp. Feels like a Marine Band but plays like a Session Steel. It plays pretty damn good out of the box, but I still plan to re-tune it to PowerDraw, and re-valve the top 4 holes. Stay tuned for another video!  My only criticism thus far is that it seems to leak a lot of air when either blowing drawing holes 3-5, and to a lesser extent 2 and 6.  I suspect I may have to flat sand the comb and the reed plate just to make sure things are as tight as they can be.  A little bit of gapping and such as we should be ready to rock n' roll... or blues... or jazz... you get the idea.

And Finally... yes, the editing of this video terrible. I did it on my phone, using Samsung's native "video editor" software, and trust me, it is no picnic to work with. I may as well have been composing a video in MS Paint! Give me a break!

In any case, we're off to the races!