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Tier Benefits
Bonus Content
$1 or more per month 6 patrons
For pocket change you can become an Aww, Feathers! patron and help support a family friendly furry webcomic! You'll get your name on the site's Thank You page (if you choose) and you'll also unlock patron-only content including works-in-progress of each page, practice sketches, polls, and more!
Includes Discord rewards
Sketchbook Club: Bronze Member
$3 or more per month 3 patrons
Welcome to the Aww, Feathers Sketchbook Club! Each week I'll release a new and unique refined sketch. It might be an experiment with a different art style, a never before seen character, or even a hand-drawn mini-comic! As a Bronze member you'll get access to all entries in this collection, reserved for the most dedicated Awwthusiasts! 
Includes Discord rewards
Sketchbook Club: Silver Member
$5 or more per month 2 patrons
As a Silver member of the Aww, Feathers Sketchbook Club, not only may you peruse the collection of exclusive sketches to your heart's content, you may also pick one sketch per month to be sent in the mail! A unique hand-drawn piece of art, just for you! (Includes shipping to anywhere in the world.)
Includes Discord rewards
Sketchbook Club: Gold Member
$10 or more per month 1 patron
You, Gold member, are a true feathered friend! For that, in addition to access to the Aww, Feathers Sketchbook Club and an original sketch sent to you each month, you may also make specific requests for new sketchbook entries! Up to one request per month.
Includes Discord rewards
Cameo Appearance
$15 or more per month 2 patrons
Want to see yourself or your character in the comic? For each month that you pledge at this level, you may choose one of your own characters to appear in a future page of the main story. Don't have a character? Let's chat and I'll help you design one! (Also includes Aww, Feathers Sketchbook Club Gold membership.)
Includes Discord rewards
VIP Pass
$50 or more per month 0 patrons
In addition to all the benefits included in the previous tiers, you'll be invited to a monthly stream to watch as I create a comic page. Come chat with me and see how each one is made!
Includes Discord rewards
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