I was struck with a tinge of childhood-esque fright when I caught a glimpse of the 1966 Cybermen in the trailer for season 10 of Doctor Who.  Much more "Uncanny Valley" than the clunky overly-robotic modern cybermen.
This got me thinking more deeply about the "Uncanny Valley Theory" in general, particularly in my own childhood (up untill 16 years old) "Irrational" fear of grey aliens. A great deal of that fear comes from the hollow/inky black eyes. Why should a kid who has no(at least none remembered) experiences, as such, have such trouble sleeping, unable to get the image of the "grey" from his head? Oh, I had the "I'm so scared I dare not move" feeling, but not "sleep paralysis"(Sleep Paralysis I would experience for the first time, along with my third or fourth "Feeling of Presence" about two months back....attempting to shout "Get the "F*** OUT!!", thinking someone was in my room, but unable to shout. But that's another story), I'd hear the classic "Whooshing" noises up until about 16 years old.....oddly that all stopped once I started partying.
Query: If one's childhood fears evaporate with socialization, does the same happen to one's imagination in all? Hopefully, the fact that this is the lone piece of work that depicts something that isn't mine speaks opposite to that question.....