Uncharted 4 Blackout Time

Uncharted 4 is releasing in two weeks, and there are already reports of some people receiving it early. Spoilers will inevitably be coming out shortly, as well as spoiler ridden reviews. I have managed to learn absolutely nothing about the game aside from watching the first two demos and playing multiplayer beta, and I plan to remain spoiler free until I finish the game. As such, I'm going full blackout mode from now until then. This means I won't be reading or responding to my YouTube comments for the next couple weeks. After I finish the game I'll go back and read them, but for now, I need to be careful. If you're trying to be spoiler free like me, just be careful in the comments section as well, as I won't be able to delete any potential spoilers that are posted in the next two weeks.

I may make a short video to announce this, and maybe also to celebrate my upcoming 100,000 subscribers (expecting that on or around May 2)