An Uncommon Patron
This little piece is a reference to the word “patron” as it has been used for a thousand years (I might be exaggerating just slightly there). I’m writing this in reference to the Patreon account so that perhaps there might be a better understanding of what it means in this case and in history.

In the 1500’s English aristocracy there was a poet named Thomas Wyatt. He had friends who were also poets, musicians and artists and this group of swanky young bucks eventually made their way into the court of King Henry VIII, the ruling monarch after the death of his father, Henry Tudor. It’s a long complicated story. Some of you might be fans of that era like I am. I have read The Other Boleyn Girl more times than I can count.

Thomas Wyatt had a secret. He was in love. Well, in all reality, it wasn’t entirely secret. Some of you know where I’m going with this. But the family of the girl he was in love with had a long habit of supporting the work of individual artists, poets, playwrights and musicians. Sometimes the very talented ones found themselves in the thick of King Henry’s ever changing court and even occasionally embroiled in scandals themselves.

Wyatt had true talent as a poet and so his presence was counted as an asset in a court that constantly wanted to be seen as young and carefree, yet cultured enough to appreciate art in all its forms. These young artists would be financially supported by noble families of the aristocracy so that they could continue to work their craft without the constant worry of supporting themselves and their families.

I’m not Thomas Wyatt. LOL. Seriously. I am a bit of a poet, however. More on that later. 

Anyway, that is sort of how Patreon works for artists, writers, videographers, photographers and many other creative peeps. A couple hundred people chip in a couple dollars each month as long as the content continues to be created.

I am, undoubtedly too impatient to wait for my readers to buy the Kindle version of this next book. I don’t want you to have to wait. In fact, I want you along for the ride. I want your opinions. I want your input. I want your criticism (easy, though…please?) and I want to write several new things per DAY. Instant gratification for me and for you. Sweet, yes?

So that’s what this is about. I just finished working two years in a call center. I was too exhausted mentally to even think about putting much effort into the series again. But I’m back. And I want to change this whole game. Are you with me?

By the way, in case you were wondering who the girl was who Thomas Wyatt was in love with?

The one and only Anne Boleyn.