By: Renato Castro Pasion, Jr. 

February 5, 2018 - Makati, Philippines

Heavenly Father,   I feel so overwhelmed

My heart burdened by life's crushing weight 

My hands slowly losing their grip from the helm

And help it seems may come too late

I close my eyes and let it all wash over me

Completely letting go of all  control

Deep in stillness, I let myself be

Listening to the  yearnings of my soul

I silently whisper my deepest longings

The pain, the hurt, and all my disappointments

How I remember the time I was filled with singing

Now my days seem to stretch in lasting atonement

I let myself fall asleep awash with tears

Not even sure if I ended my prayer with "Amen"

My doubts and worries, and all my fears

I surrendered to your mercies renewed every morning

And just as a loving Father caring for His son

You listen to my prayers, sinful as I am

Showing me love when there should be none

Making sure I understand where You're coming from

"My sacrifice, O God, is a broken spirit

A broken and contrite heart you, God, will not despise"

Wash me  with Christ's blood, fill me with the Holy Spirit

Let my mind be renewed each day as I rise

 "You are my Rock and my Salvation

In You, My Father, my soul can rest

You are my Fortress, I will never be shaken" 

With You, I will live and can survive any test



Last 2 Stanzas based on Psalms 51:17 and 62: 1-2, NIV


Rex de la Pena - OfTheRock


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