Under Skyrim soundtrack
Sorry for long pause, Patreon. Currently I work with australian writer J.J.Shurte. It's take almost all of my time, but also take all of my art-power. That is why every day after work I ask myself can I draw something? And ask myself - I'm not. Because all of my lines, toning, shapes and forms leak into the ink-styled images for his new book.

What I can say? Hard month. First month of year, but so... hard. When I wake up I show you some of new images for his book. Private, of course. Most hard thing in this artwork is fact that I need draw not as I draw usually, but degrade level of quality, and usage of my current skills. Because it's also customer task.

It's hardly punch my force and mode. I know that it's a just a task, but in some moment I can't agree with this. Not as human, but as something in me, something I can call artist. Because each piece of this immitation... shut me down. It's a creative task, because hero of book can't drawing normally, and I understand it. But something in me dying each time I complete new image. 

So... I need fight againts this. I need strike back right after work sessions. It's my strike. I hope that next month I can fight better, and by the way, month isn't over yet.