The Underbosses are a collection of freaks and monsters gathered together to carve out their own piece of New Avalon. 


Diablo Da Vinci (The Underbosses)- The leader of the Underbosses, Diablo Da Vinci claims to be a descendant of both the great inventor Leonardo and the Devil himself. While his demonic appearance lends weight to the latter claim, his weird weaponry make a case for the former. Like his darker ancestor, Diablo has a habit of making deals. 

Major Players

PT Skullington (Underbosses)- PT has always collected dead things. Born with the unique ability to reanimate the recently deceased, PT keeps a rotting army of “friends” around to keep him company. These “friends” all perform in Skullington’s Circus Macabre,  who put on private shows for the twisted and the rich. 


The Wazn’t (Underbosses)- The Wazn’t lingers there on the edge of your peripheral vision, and disappearing when you look his way. He haunts the night, stalking his victims, savoring their fear.  Diablo Da Vinci uses him as a contract killer, sending him to kill those that need to be removed.

Charlie Crawlie (Underbosses)- No one is sure if Charlie is a man made out of bugs, or a collection of bugs pretending to be a man. Regardless, he is certainly insane and dangerous, only leaving his nest to find food or when lured out by Diablo Da Vinci.

Gaping Maul- The Gaping Maul must eat. And He can eat anything. 

Types of Goons available- Reanimated Circus performers, various low-powered or freaks with no powers at all.