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The Underground Retreat
I've got a couple already-drawn maps that I am hoping to wrap up before the end of the month, this is the first. I see the green area as being open to the sky above and probably not well known in the area, maybe it opens to the heart of a deep forest? Perhaps a local and long-silent monastery calls these rooms home? Perhaps a retired wizard? A fabulously wealthy merchant? Maybe a nature loving liche that just has not fitted into that whole Dark Side thing?

The next map I will post can be connected to the underground river in this map. So if you have players that just have to explore that underground river, now they can!

For those who are not aware, I am starting a new job on Monday, one that posses huge problems for me to fix and is related to my previous occupations but goes into an area that I have never worked before. Thus, I expect it to be stressful and hectic. This may result in my absence for a while as I adjust to the new life.

Thank you for your support and helping me to keep my imagination flowing,