Understanding the journey ahead
this piece is fan art not just of Nintendo's character Samus Aran. But it's also the fan-art of someone who goes by mldoxy on Deviant art. please show some love to:https://mldoxy.deviantart.com/art/Zero-Suit-Samus-610209672

I've made this piece to practice my skills with Photoshop to really understand the process of making high quality art. what I found was 5hr+ of simply locking myself in a room, drawing, staring at a screen, hearing nothing but clicks of my keyboard and occasionally taking a walk every 20+ mins.

that's when I started to understand that this isn't the fun kind of work I see other artist present. I ended up creating a illusion from speed-paints and positive attitudes that I went in blinded.

5hr+ for just a portrait. I'm starting to understand what it means. it takes dedication and most of all commitment. I've never been so proud with the result it even strokes my ego to feel like I did better than the original

It's an experience I feel every artist who wants to work their passion full-time should feel. It gives a perceptive of my own skills and the work it takes to reach full potential.

Thanks for reading.