It is my great pleasure to invite you into the study of Syncretics and Esoteric Etymology (SEE).

Syncretics is a term I use as a formula for L-earning, with the term syncretism as the act of applying this formula. Syncretism means the ‘reconciliation of differing beliefs’ from Greek synkretismos ‘union of communities’, from synk- retizein ‘to combine against a common enemy’, (that ‘enemy’ being ignore-rants and separation from our common origins) from syn- ‘together’ as in ‘to sync together’. 

From my perspective, it is about searching through all sources of in-formation, despite differing beliefs and opinions, and sifting through it, in order to find the most valu- able nuggets of truth, and to find the common root similarities, so that we may see how all the pieces fit together to provide a much larger and unrestricted view of reality, in order to better understand ourselves in relation to one another, without declining into argument and dispute over seemingly opposing perspectives and points of view, or points-of-you.

It’s about turning over every stone, the good, the bad, and the ugly, to see what lies beneath, regard-less of our own personal judge-ment (judging the mind/ ment: Latin, meaning mind) of what it is that we may find.

As I all-ways say "If you fear something....study it! The more you learn about it, the more understanding you gain. Suddenly, you know about it, and although you may still dislike it, you no longer fear it, because you realize its not the thing itself that is ominous, but rather, only your limited understanding of it."

“Its hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering its a featherbed.”

- Terence McKenna

When we start to see how all things connect in some way or another, then we start to see a pattern emerge, that illuminates the similarities which connect all fields of study and learning, from science, art, language, number, music, astrology, geometry, theology, mythology, and just about every other area of Learning and communication.

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