Custom Content and You 🌈

If you're using Mana Seed assets, and need something special for your project, you may be inclined to inquire about commissions. This post here is to help you understand your options. You can...

1) sign up for the $64 "Benefactor" pledge tier, or...

2) purchase a commission slot over on my Ko-fi (if one is available).

I'll go over the pledge option first, so scroll past it if you want to read about commissions.



What can I order?
Your options will be limited to whatever new asset I'm making. I'll give you a description of my plans, along with all the elements I plan to include. What you choose to add will need to fit in with the asset. So if I'm making a tileset, you can't request a monster sprite or a new hat for your character. Whenever I get with you about an upcoming asset, I'll give you some guidelines for what you can contribute. Sometimes it'll be more open-ended (for example, if I'm making a new forest, you can contribute most anything you'd find in a forest), other times it will be rather limited (for example, if I'm making a new outfit for the Character Base, you'll only be able to add a custom color swap).

How much time do I have to make my request?
You will get one week (7 days) to make a contribution. I might open the window before I begin work, or when I'm close to being finished, but the timeframe will always be the same. You should only make this pledge if you will have the time to read the post and consider what you'd like to add, because if you miss the 1-week window, you won't be able to contribute to that asset.

How long does it usually take?
Depends on whether I opened the contribution window at the beginning or end of the project, but typically anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks after it closes.

Can other people use it?
Most definitely. It's not going to be exclusive, and your contribution will be part of the initial launch whenever the asset is made available to other patrons. Once completed, the asset falls under my normal user license.

I'm sold! Where do I sign?
Just click the "Join $64 tier" button on the right and sign up as a patron! This pledge will necessarily be limited to a small number of patrons, but if you see an open slot and you want it, go for it!



What can I order:
I can make just about anything you like, provided it fits in with the rest of the Mana Seed line-up. That means 16x16 tiles, with limited color palettes, as usual. Noticeably modern or sci-fi subject matter is mostly off the table. Doors/furnishings/etc. need to jive with character sprites around 32px tall. Also, I won't draw anything I find morally repugnant, but that should probably go without saying. Commissions are priced based on the specifics of the content, so make sure you choose one that matches what you're looking to request.

How much time do I have to make my request?
If you're purchasing a commission, you should be ready when you buy the slot. You'll need to write up the details in the actual order, and attach your sample images or concept art. I might reject the order if you're not ready or don't give me enough to work with, so please have your ducks in a row before you click that button!

How long does it usually take?
That will depend on the commission option you choose, you'll find it listed at the bottom of the description. I keep pretty busy with other Mana Seed stuff, and I'm notoriously bad at meeting deadlines, so please mentally prepare for it being 1-2 weeks late. Just saying! 😅 

Can other people use it?
Everything I make under this program will eventually join the Mana Seed library, but not right away. By default, I'll keep hush about your order for at least three months, though that can be extended if you purchase the corresponding add-on. After that, I may release it to the public (limited to patrons for the first three weeks, as with other stuff). But those are not concrete timelines, and I may hold it for a much longer period if I feel it would benefit the rest of my collection. Most often, I like to take time to add more content before I make it available to the public, so it could theoretically take months. Once completed, the asset falls under my normal user license.

I'm sold! Where do I sign?
Just head on over to Ko-fi, choose a commission option (if there are any slots open), and click through to purchase. I only have a limited number of slots in order to reserve time for regular stuff here on Patreon, so please check to see how many slots are available before making plans. If you have any specific questions or need to communicate with me after making a purchase, you can message me directly here on Patreon, or send me a DM through Discord or Twitter.


Thanks for your support, I couldn't do this without you 😁


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