Undertale Orchestrated - MEGALOVANIA
People have been constantly requesting more Undertale tracks, and I aim to please. The tracks most requested are all the boss fight songs, and since they are all very heavy metal/synth/rock style, I needed some time to figure out how to arrange. While doing a direct translation of the instruments worked alright for Heartache, I didn't feel the same approach would be as effective for MEGALOVANIA.

Apparently MEGALOVANIA is a combination of megalomania and Transylvania, and not a mix of Mega Man and Castlevania, as I originally guessed. Digging further, I saw that the piece was used as the boss fight in toby fox's Earthbound hack. Since Sans was never this brutal throughout the game, and he gave you many chances to turn back, I concluded that this theme is actually the protagonist's boss theme. Being that this music occurs during the Genocide run of the game, the music serves to highlight the intensity and evilness of the player gone mad with power.

Most of my time spent on this track was amassing the big percussion sounds to construct the epic "Hans Zimmer" cinematic feeling. I didn't want to use a simple drum kit like I did in Heartache because the original rhythm it would have sounded extremely repetitive in an orchestral context. So using a generous helping of Taikos, Epic Toms, Timpanis, Surdos, I came up with all sorts of rhythms to use as the foundation to give life to the piece. I took the catchy melodic riff and adapted it for percussion, with all sorts of variations. The end result does not fit into any specific genre. The middle solo section even has an unintended Asian feel to it.I imagine this piece is something a high school band/symphony would play at a school concert. After performing the usual classical pieces, they close out with this piece for fun times. People are seen wheeling out the big drums and an assortment of ethnic instruments. The attendees clap along and some get up to dance. Lol