Undertale Deluxe: A Starman Adventure 35
 Follow the adventures of Starman Deluxe, leader of the Starmen and  Giygas' invasion of Earth, as he finds himself in a strange new place  filled with monsters, magic, and... snail facts? How did he survive his  defeat in Stonehenge? How did he get into the Underground? What is the  fate of his fellow Starmen and his master, Giygas? Why does he have a  dog alarm? Will any of these questions be answered? Maybe! But you'll  have to follow along to find out!

She will find you. Eventually. After she gets some things done first. But after that, the finding will commence.

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Undertale Deluxe: A Starman Adventure 34
Undertale Deluxe: A Starman Adventure 01

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