Underwater Diving - First Asset Pack
Hello World,

I'm very excited to release my very first Asset Pack. Today I'm changing the rewards system for good. What it means you ask?  Keep reading to the end of the post.

But in the mean time here's the first pack. Play the demo

This is a Game Art Pack ready to make a prototype


  • TileSet
  • Parallax Background
  • Player 
  • Enemy Sprites
  • Fx Sprites
  • Code (Impactjs engine)

Basically I'm putting more effort and time (probably full time at this point) on my assets so I deliver the best assets available for free.

So here are the changes:

1. Less rewards but more assets.
This means Instead of releasing 4 isolated files a month, I'releasing a complete Pack to make a game or prototype. This will include Environments, Player assets, enemies, props, etc...

2. Demo and Code.
 This means I'm making a fully playable demo in different engines and also I'm sharing the code with you so you can use it on your own projects.

So now I'm releasing 2 Packs a month one for free and a Premium Pack with a value between 30-40 USD in stores.

Now, the new rewards are changed so they are this way:

You are getting the satisfaction of helping me continue making the free pack.

You are helping me more and in return you get a permanent 50%  discount on my premium packs. 

You get access to all premium Packs and any file in my store. Also you can vote for next releases.

All of the above plus your name on the videos

Thank you for your continuos support hope to have you aboard for a long time.